I’ve Got Experience

“Why?” is such a demanding word and question. Short and consise, when asked in almost any tone, it can kinda pierce you to your core. On its surface it can be quite invasive. 

Why do you… why didn’t you… why are you… why, why why?

If you’ve ever made up in your mind to do something, be something, go someplace, choose someone… WHY will meet you at the starting line or someplace along the way to the finish line. 

I’ve got experience in WHY! 

With my experience in WHY, I’ve learned that although the questions and tones which accompany the why’s may come across insulting, discouraging or doubtful, there are three things that will help you glide to and through.

I wrote these three things on an index card and taped it on my mirror nearly 3 years ago while living in Birmingham. 

During that period of my life, I experienced so much. I’d moved back to take a job that really was too good to be true. Then one Sunday I was headed to church when my future landlord called me 5 hours prior to my move-in and rescinded. I literally had everything in my car. I was 2 redlights away and almost just turned around to hit I-20 east to 75 South and run home to my mom’s. You can always go home to your mama. But the Holy Spirit told me to just make it to Living Stones Temple, so I did. 

Here I was, this highly educated, overqualified and underemployed woman with all this baggage, literally and figuratively… it’s amazing that I didn’t head straight to the altar immediately upon arrival. But as soon as prayer was announced I went up. I was like, “here I am with all this and I don’t know what to do besides come to you Jesus, so please… HELP ME!” 

When I finished in the prayer room with the minister, an angel named Debra came to me and said, “what’s wrong? Why are you crying? I told her about the call I got before my arrival and she told me, “don’t worry, you can move in with Dennis and I. Our entire upstairs is vacant now that our kids are grown…” 

Y’all, that was nothing but God! I went from homeless to housed in matter of not hours, but through the manner of my faith! 

I have experience in seeing God work in my favor… that’s my why! 
*** Shoutout to Pastor Keion Henderson of The LightHouse Church of Houston for reminding me I’ve got EXPERIENCE! Check him out here: Pastor Keion on Experience

About Empower

Servant Leader. Founder of Empower. A socialite using her knowledge, status and network to empower and inspire others to walk in their purpose.
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