How to Fight Unfairly Part 2

Windsor Village Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell
How to Fight Unfairly… Part 2 

Four virtues God has already provided folks who love him:

1. Promise

2. Power

3. Prayer

4. Provision

* And these four give you an automatic advantage over your enemies.

* There are benefits and blessing as a member of the kingdom

* You don’t always get what you deserve; life can be hard but put your fighting clothes on.

* Exodus 3:8… if you want to change your land, get out of the hands you’re in! If you want to change your social status, you must change your spiritual status. 

* Stop looking for your handout or help from a him or her… Look to God who is THE PROVIDER

* IF you wanna go to where God wants you to go, you’ve got to get up

* Too many people are comfortable in being in “that land”

* Get off your liabilities and assets and stop making excuses and begin to believe God and move in his promises

* Lord deliver me from this mediocre mindset

* Why would God bless you with a promise and you sit there like Humpty Dumpty waiting for your change to come

* Gods promises are YES & AMEN and for his glory. (2 Corinthians 1:20)

* Get this verse in your DNA, because while the promise is being provided the enemy wants to sabotage it and he will do it by coming for your confidence. So don’t grow weary while doing good. It’s not over until you win. Fight from victory to victory in Jesus name

* It’s downright unfair, but membership has its promises… as a believer you have a promise backed by the power

* Ezekiel 20:8-9 

* God is gonna do it FOR HIS NAMESAKE! It ain’t got nothing to do with you. 

* You get the benefit because of his namesake

* You get the advantage because of his namesake

* He backs up His promise with his power

Seems like nothing happens until we pray. 

* Pray on purpose

* Pray with expectancy 

* When you get tired in prayer, get you an Aaron & a Hur who will intercede and encourage you to keep praying

* This is the confidence in him, that if we ask ANYTHING according to his will, then he hears us. And since we know he hears us then, whatever we ask, we know that we have what we’ve asked for


* His Grace is sufficient

* While you’re moaning, groaning and complaining… he’s still providing

(Sermon got too good… couldn’t keep up with the typing. My apologies.)

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