A message to a friend, but for us all…

“You know who you and whose you are and that makes you special because many people who play church and be in church still don’t know who they are. Because you are aware of who and whose you are, you don’t walk, talk, think, behave or reason the way you used to. What many people hold onto is familiarity and they become content with who you were when they “got to know” you.

The thing is, some folks stopped getting to know you. They stopped at their identity of you, but God has continued to not only identify you more and more in his image, but he’s grown you from the man you were a year ago. Content and settled eyes can’t see that. Those eyes haven’t evolved beyond their egotistical identity of you so they can’t appreciate God’s promotion of you.

Because you’re well aware of your source and you’re humbled by him spiritually, you want others to abide in that awareness. Your faithfulness got you on a journey with God; but your human nature still begs for acceptance and being liked in the flesh.

So it hurts and bothers you when others whom you’ve supported and some you’ve even carried, scorn you or behave passively aggressive with you. They call you by little petty names taking a shot at you with a small touch of an “LOL”, and even though you may smile and chuckle back, it stings and you’re left with an uneasiness.

That uneasinesses is the Spirit and your flesh meeting head to head. Spirit calling you to let go but your flesh desiring to make it right.

On the flip side, their behavior is evidence of their flesh misbehaving and throwing salt at you.

The reason the salt they throw hurts or stings is because you have scars and open wounds from back in the day when of who you were and the salt sometimes gets into those tiny spaces of memory of who we’ve been to or with people, thus making us feel some type of way. In those moments, react with prayer and throw yourself at the altar.

I say throw yourself because it needs to be immediate and intentional submission to the altar because in those moments you’ll face principalities that will rise up to get your thoughts to focus on what once was instead of who is.”

Written April 24, 2017 @ 8:54 am CST

About Empower

Servant Leader. Founder of Empower. A socialite using her knowledge, status and network to empower and inspire others to walk in their purpose.
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1 Response to A message to a friend, but for us all…

  1. Yvonne McShay says:

    I enjoyed the read. Yvonne McShay

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